September 7th, 2015



I don’t seem to need much sleep these days. At first I attributed it to my insomnia, which I have had off and on for 19 years. Now, however, I wonder if it is the ketosis. I just feel rested in the morning and given the opportunity my body just won’t let me sleep any later. Weird. It is great to feel rested!

Anyway, it’s 6:40 and everyone except B, whom you can’t breath around and he is awake because he is always on high alert, is asleep. I can hear him rolling around above my head as I am in the office below his bedroom. That means he is awake and growing impatient about remaining in bed. This used to cause a lot of tension in my body, for years, because I wanted a little down time, just some private time, without the anxiety his ADHD and ODD causes when he is up, and if I made an effort to get up earlier than everyone, for that purpose I felt I deserved it and I felt very resentful about that. Robbed really. Now, I just accept it. It is what it is. No expectations. I will make him wait a few minutes so I can finish this and he will live. My not immediately responding to his impatience has never resulted in his death, LOL.

So, I am going to do IF today. I will make myself a bulletproof coffee but add some collagen to hopefully trick my adrenals. I am hopeful my body will think it is being fed and not go into a “state of emergency”. I am hopeful that after 29 days of fairly balanced blood sugar it won’t see it coming because of the fat and protein from the collagen in the coffee I am having. I need to boost my fat burning and hopefully this works. If it doesn’t I won’t do again for a while. So into the “lab” I go. 🙂

We bought a peculator yesterday and the coffee was so good I want to give it a try this morning. The last few plastic coffee pots we had didn’t last and I am not a fan of plastic so we decided to give a stainless steel peculator a try and we love it!

Scale was the same today. Currently 11.5 lbs lost in 29 days.

George, the dog, and myself will be heading for a walk/run/walk and then I am going to go to the farmers market in Decatur. They have an assortment of organic vegetables and grass fed meats at a really decent price, so I have been going every week now. Worth the 40 minute drive. After the market I will head to the midtown Trader Joe’s and lastly Whole Foods in Atlanta for anything I could not find at the former. So that is my day.

Have a great Labor day cyberspace. 🙂


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