September 11th, 2015 Act, don’t React


This morning I am reminded about where I was on 9/11. It doesn’t seem that long ago, but it was. I was working 3 part time jobs around my children’s school schedules and sometimes dragging them to my place of employment, when my husband wasn’t able to care for them, so I could pay for my education at the time, which I completed on the weekends. I worked pretty much non-stop 7 days a week, round the clock, minus 7-8 hours for sleep, for almost 2 years. That day, though, I stopped, stunned at what I had witnessed on the TV in the break room, where I was employed. I will never forget it. Since then 2 of my 4 children have become adults. My adult children were small when it happened but still remember it vividly. As a nation, many of us were traumatized by what we saw. We had an illusion of security and that bubble burst that day. It forever changed us, in many ways. That kind of perceived hatred, and raw anger directed at you, especially when it is unexpected, is much like getting hit by a stun gun from behind. Whether or not the events of that day were a terrorist attack or some sort of false flag act to accomplish the agenda of the elite, I will never know for sure. I gave up researching it long ago because frankly it’s done and it can’t ever be repaired. Knowing the exact cause or intentions behind that event won’t bring those souls back, nor will it repair an illusion, that was simply an a false comfort anyway.

Trauma’s effect on the human brain is an interesting thing. Fostering and adopting two children with trauma issues and myself having experienced multiple traumas’ in my own life, I really researched this out, looking for methods to promote healing and restoration, for all of us. What I found out was that trauma or stress to the animal brain actually increases their grey matter. In other words, animals gain intelligence from stress. This is not the case with human beings. In the human being the grey matter decreases when they experience stress. We can actually lose intelligence when we experience trauma and long term stress. It decreases consciousness and cognitive function. This really explains a lot! It explains why our decisions made during a time of trauma and or stress are most always illogical and lack objectivity.

Knowing this, and becoming physically ill, from long term trauma and stress in my life, I searched for a way to combat these effects. Not just for my own benefit, but for those that had to live with me, were closest to me and those that I was trying to set an example for. Praying, crying out, pleading for answers and searching scripture, an answer came. I began to learn to meditate. I couldn’t change anyone else but I could allow the Spirit to heal my mind, if I could just learn to be still. The stress I was experiencing wasn’t going to go away anytime soon because of the particular situation I found myself in.  Maybe it never would, that is a reality, and I had to learn to face that. So, I needed to learn to stop reacting, at least more frequently, on the inside, because it was making me physically sick. That is where meditation came in. Studies have shown that it not only improves and frequently eliminates the stress response, it also increases grey matter in the brain and in my experience improves decision making and brings about consciousness, as opposed to decisions based on emotions. Because I had experienced so much trauma and stress in my life I had made decisions based on my emotions all of my my life. Mediation slowed me down and brought logic and objectivity to the table, and it is healing my mind, and as a result my body is healing. If it sounds like I am “selling” meditation, I am not, but I am strongly suggesting it. It is how you learn to quiet the mind enough to “hear” the Creator.  He is the Healer. I can’t say enough about it. It has and is changing my life and it’s doing the same for others. Be still and know. Free Meditation

That is enough for today. Going for a walk with B and George.




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