September 14, 2015 New Beginnings



Well, it’s Monday. Bright and early. Well, maybe not so bright yet, LOL. It is 6:10 in the morning and the sun has yet to rise. So glad I turned in early last night. Sleep was choppy but lengthy and after this weekend I really needed that.

I am still plowing through junk. Yesterday I took on my kitchen. Goodwill will be getting a visit in the next few days. The pile is growing. A lot of it was trash. It feels so good to rid myself of that weight. Just like the emotional baggage I have been lugging around for decades I have collected a lot of useless and broken things. Why I couldn’t part with them before is a mystery to me. Maybe just like the emotional baggage, I just wasn’t ready and there was some sort of emotional attachment. They served no “useful” purpose yet I carried them thinking that they did. Useless and broken things….but I didn’t see them like that before. Now I do.

I was so tempted to condemn myself over what I was seeing. We are so “programmed” to judge. We judge others and ourselves, harshly, when most of us would do better if we just knew how. Truthfully, the majority of people just don’t know how because they are not aware or conscious of how they got there or how to escape where they have found themselves. People only behave at the level of their consciousness. The more conscious we become the more we see things for what they really are. Truth is sometimes a painful thing but it is liberating and cleansing at the same time. The more aware I become the more I welcome it. It is like the dawning of a new day and as my eyes begin to adjust I see how really beautiful Reality really is. Today is a new beginning.



P.S. Lost another lb 🙂


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