9/15/2015, Loss


Good morning world!

Well, I thought about exploring loss today, because that was what was on my mind this morning when I woke up. I don’t know that I am going to have time this morning to expound on it too much. I have a class to teach tomorrow, a sort of cooking class with a friend of mine, and today is prep day, so my mind is on the equipment and supplies I need to gather to take to her house this morning.

Loss comes in many forms and whatever form it takes it can be devastating to the human psyche. Where there is attachment there is the potential for loss. Perhaps that is part of the issue. Many of us have a tendency towards co-dependency, in other words “over-attachment” and that can make the pain that much worse. None the less, I wish grief could be hurried but it can’t. Loss doesn’t always involve the death of a loved one. Sometimes it is the death of a relationship, circumstance or even a dream. It can be hard to let go. We may have invested a great deal of our worth in that person, circumstance or dream. Regardless, it is important to learn let go and learn to move forward. Some folks get stuck and I am not judging that. I myself have been stuck, holding on to someone or something that is long gone. There is one loss in particular that I believe I am still processing. So, I don’t have the answers on how to speed this process. I guess the best I can say, and I say this to myself, is give yourself a break, and go through the stages that you need to, because ultimately moving through and not getting caught up in just one, will lead you to healing, resolution and maybe the opportunity to help someone else. Don’t be harsh towards yourself for feelings that are just part of the process of grief. I thought this chart was interesting.

Stages of grief

Well, gotta run. Going to get the kids off to school and take George for a walk before I dive deep into food preparation for the day.




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