9/17/2015, Oh Sugar, Sugar



Disclaimer: This blog is not intended as medical advice. It is simply my journey, shared.

So I ordered a glucometer to monitor my blood sugar and it was delivered last night. I want to see if I am truly in Nutritional Ketosis and how stress and different foods impact my blood sugar. I tried it last night to see if I remembered how to use one. I was a gestational diabetic with both of my pregnancies and with the last pregnancy my doctor ordered me to test my blood sugar four times a day. Sure enough, I remembered, and had no problem with it. My reading last night was 83 after dinner. This morning, before breakfast, it was 84. Dr. Richard K. Bernstein is a physician, researcher and 80+ year old Type 1 Diabetic (unheard of that a type 1 has lived as long as he has, and is still very healthy!) who’s work I have recently been introduced to by a fellow bio-hacker and friend, recommends that a person, such as myself, that is trying to obtain and remain in a state of Nutritional Ketosis have readings between 65 and 83, consistently. As a side note, his research shows that the highest longevity rate among individuals is to keep a consistent reading of 83, rather than the low 100s’, that is typically recommended by medical professionals here in the U.S. My reading this morning was 84, about 1 point higher than recommended. Stephanie Person, a Ketogenic coach, recommends between 60 and 80, 77 being ideal to remain in Nutritional Ketosis. This information is fairly contrary to what is believed among the main stream medical community, but what the main stream medical community is doing is not preventing the rise of Type II Diabetics, insulin resistance or severe metabolic problems that are growing by leaps and bounds, yearly! My philosophy has always been if it doesn’t work, don’t buy it, and I certainly don’t buy what they are selling. It’s up to you, if you do.

The blood sugar reading of 84 is a possible indicator that my internal reaction (anxiety) regarding the events of yesterday did indeed impact my blood chemistry, but not too severely, for which I am grateful. My macros were close to perfect, so I know it was not food related. I was able to fit in one session of meditation among the chaotic behavioral issues (via our youngest son) that I had to cope with and teach a class and I credit the meditation, my time being quiet with my Creator, as a the “life preserver” that kept my head above water during an extremely stressful situation. Exercise, yesterday, was also helpful l believe. Could I have done better, yes, but I could have done worse, I know I have in the past, so I am grateful for the progress I have been making.

The body, mind and spirit are integrally interconnected. Everything affects everything else. The mind and spirit are central and primary. Jethro Kloss, author of Back to Eden, is known for saying that “health proceedeth from the gut”, and as important as the gut is, it is not the biggest influence on one’s health, in my opinion. I have been there and I have the T-shirt. The mind and spirit are where health begins. The mind can only heal as it becomes more conscious/aware of the destructive and separate influence of it’s ego/flesh and conversely, hopefully, it’s Creator’s presence within and then most of the time the body will follow suit in time. As behavior changes, as a result of consciousness, the opportunity for real healing begins. “Regeneration, not behavior modification,” D.C. Harris once said. That is the journey I find myself on.

Today, there will be no walk. I have a favor to do for my oldest son and there won’t be time for that. I will, however, do some strength training and weight lifting when I get back. Weight remains the same today. I have lost 13.5 lbs. I have 30.5 lbs to go until my goal weight. I meet with a fellow bio-hacker and good friend today and am looking forward to the encouragement we provide for one another on this journey!




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