September 20, 2015 Off The Fence


Little Girl Superhero

I remember when I was a kid my friends and myself would climb over fences and through yards to get to our destinations rather than go the long way. It was way more fun that way! We fancied ourselves as invincible, like female super heroes, able to climb, jump and scale any obstacle, but of course we were not. We were just playful, silly, adventurous little girls with fantasies of adventure and intrigue. A few of these adventures were a little painful to say the least. We’d suffer many scrapes, lacerations and a few puncture wounds on our thighs, arms and hands as we’d try to scale chain link fences and one in particular that was covered in bob-wire. It is amazing to me now that we were not seriously injured. We’d show up the next weekend to do it again.

Well, it is not just kids that can be detached from reality. Adults can be that way too. Sometimes something can be so obvious yet we won’t move forward because we are afraid or we are in denial and don’t want to believe the truth because it seems less painful. We have gotten accustomed to the “status quot” and although it’s terribly flawed and wrong, we keep trying to make pieces fit that don’t. We stay “on the fence”, paralyzed and unable to go forward when the obvious answer is to get off and make a decision, hopefully the right one, but move on, none the less, because where we have found ourselves is not a safe place to be. We just need to take the first step and climb down.

I am off the fence now.

Today I don’t know if I will get a walk with George. I am going to try to. I am going to work on housework and shop for curtains for the guest room. Blood sugar is good. Weight has not moved. Today is a new day and beautiful one. Go enjoy it!



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