9/25/2015, Pioneer


pioneerwomanDo you ever wonder what it must have been like for the early pioneers in our country. Pioneers that ventured into completely unknown territories, save the Native Americans, inexperienced and uncertain of what to expect.

They set out on a voyage to somewhere they had never been before. There were not many people that they could compare notes with and few people available to answer questions or give reassurances. Questions like, “hey, what’s it like over there?” or “what do I need to watch out for?” or  “could this or that go wrong?” or “beyond the essentials, are there things I need to have with me?”, were unanswered and if they were, those answers were often inaccurate and inadequate. No one they knew had done it before and no one had the answers that could have prepared them completely for the journey despite their best efforts. I am sure friends and family members thought they were “nuts” for taking on such a venture! Maybe they were. Many didn’t survive the trip. Many faced things they never, ever imagined they would have. They probably second guessed themselves over and over again. Those that did survive had more struggles ahead to survive and thrive, but somehow they did. At some point they realized their only option was to keep going forward because they had come too far to turn back.

I guess this morning I feel a little like they did, if that is possible. A little, because I am aware that I am obviously not an “early pioneer”. They were a breed of courageous that I am not even sure exists in our American “bubble” today. I believe our soldiers posses it, but the average American, myself included, has for the most part lost touch with that kind of spirit. I humbly stand in admiration of those that came before us. I hope to have some of that “stuff.” I need that “stuff”.

I don’t know what this journey has in store for me or my family. I don’t know anyone who has walked what we have been through over the last 9 years or is living through what we are now. I have heard stories like ours, but I have no first hand knowledge. I have no frame of reference. So, everything is uncertain and unknown to me. How this is going to look in the end I am completely uncertain of. That uncertainty is a reality. My hope is to survive and thrive and to find safety and security at the end of this journey. My faith is in my Creator who, no matter what, will not leave, nor forsake us. That is what I hold on to. It’s all I have and I imagine it’s all they had too.

So, those are my “deep thoughts” of the day. Today I meet with a friend that has my back and has faithfully stood in my corner even though understanding this is not easy. It’s not easy for anyone.

Lost a 1/2 lb today, even though my blood sugar has been all over the map. No walk with George, it is pouring outside.




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