10/2/2015 Circadian Rhythm


Last night I slept through the night! 🙂 This is a rare thing for me but is getting more consistent, thankfully. This is a serious goal, not only for weight loss, but for the prevention and possible reversal of chronic disease.

Check it out:


The word circadian originates from the Latin word circa, meaning around or diem, meaning precisely one day.

The rhythms are vital in determining the feeding and sleeping patterns of us all. Brainwave activities, cell regeneration, hormone production as well as additional biological activities are connected to this everyday cycle. Any interruption in this cycle can negatively affect the brain and the way it functions and regulates hormones and metabolism. In the long term, disruption in the circadian system can have serious health consequences on any peripheral organs that are outside of the brain. The development of cardiovascular disease is a particular concern.

When our bodies are pushed to work past their natural rhythm it reduces our ability to recharge and renew. Lack of sleep, incidentally, does impact weight loss as it is generally a symptom of elevated cortisol, the stress hormone, and the body will store fat in that state and particularly in the abdominal region which is the most dangerous place to accumulate it. So, for my goals, to regain my health and lose weight, it is vital that I decrease the secretion of cortisol in my body every day and that each night I am able to sleep fully and soundly. Easier said than done but this is a goal and last night was a success!




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