10/28/2015, Life’s Adjustments



Loss. Illness. Death. Divorce. Marriage. Birth. Change of employment status. Relocation. Natural disasters.The list goes on and on and on…….

All adjustments.

All potential traumas.

Even positive change in our lives can cause stress to the fragile human psyche.

Even with positive change we must find our position once again because it rocks our world.

Change is part of life, yet we all struggle when change comes.

Finding our footing when our foundation or more likely our perceived foundation is rocked can be difficult to say the least. Especially if we are trying. Trying is our biggest mistake. Stop. Be still.

Perception. We think we have a handle on what it is but the reality that we perceive is a mere 4% of everything that exists. This fact testifies to the contrary. We know very little about our reality. We know very little about truth.

Be Still.


He is God, Elohim, Mighty One. Get above the words, He is above that. Wordless Word.

All is sand beneath our feet. He is the only solid that exists. Everything else is fluid. Limited. Corrupt. Unstable. Moving. Shaky. Unpredictable, regardless of what Newton said, that theory is gone now.

Be Still.


He is God, Elohim, Might One.







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