11/10/2015, Job Hunting Is Lot Like Dating



I never liked dating. Does anyone? I didn’t date long and dating for me was 27 years ago. I was married at 19 and am happily so today. Thank God! It looks like an awful experience to me. It seems like a miserable “ego slamming procedure” from what I have observed from friends and family. Job hunting feels a lot like I would imagine dating would. Ugh !I can’t wait till it is over, honestly. I just want to be done with it, get on with life and be in a “committed employment relationship.”

I have a resume that is 3 pages long. I know that is a “no no” but look I am 46 years old and have over 28 years of valid life and work experience. How in the world does one sum that up in one page? So, depending on who is looking at my resume, I am either really old or really experienced. Maybe it depends on the cup is half empty or half full personality of the given individual, I don’t know. Another irritation is putting all these applications and resumes out there in cyber space. Who the heck is reading them or are they? It is just rather surreal to me. I guess I miss the experience of shaking hands with someone and seeing them face to face. I think that is better and more memorable and you get a better feel for things. I guess I have to accept the fact that the workplace and job market have changed radically, since I last had to do this, and just get with the program. Up and at ’em!



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